First name is ORCHESTRA CAST, second name is BALCONY CAST. 

ZACH - Jordan Sells

LARRY - Ryan Weintraub

DON - James Parascandola

MAGGIE - Jackie Coraci, Maria Sirigos

MIKE - Abraham Deitz-Green, Hayes Philip

CONNIE - Leah D’Silva, Gloria Gress

GREG - Jordan Hall

CASSIE - Erica Simone Barnett, Jessica Ball

SHEILA - Paige Levy, Chasity Tineo

BOBBY - Eden Rolle

BEBE - Emma Fusco, Addie Kriegel

JUDY - Jamie Neiberg, Lucy D’Addario

RICHIE - Oliver Zoduwah, Jr.

AL - Lucian Zanes

KRISTINE - Ridley Sollecito, Isabel Wallach

VAL - Madalynn Matthews, Madeleine Flanagan

MARK - Jason Petersen

PAUL - Sam Wade

DIANA - Mariana Garzon Toro, Leonay Shepherd

TRICIA - Amanda Seery, Lucy Grunden

VICKY - Edie Phlip, Arden Wolfe

LOIS - Alexandra Johnson, Ava Sexton

ROY - Oliver Cope

FRANK - Noah Horowitz


Understudies never substitute for listed players unless announced at the time of the performance:

For DON: Ryan Weintraub, For MARK: James Parascandola, For BOBBY: Noah Horowitz, For LARRY: Jason Petersen, For ZACH: Lucian Zanes, For GREG: Hayes Philip, For AL: Oliver Zoduwah, Jr., For RICHIE: Jordan Hall.




The West End Theater

263 West 86th Street


November 29-December 15th