BEN Platt




“It is hard for me to separate my experience at Kidz Theater from my experience in professional theater because the level of commitment and passion is equal in both arenas. If you are looking for a place to cultivate your abilities among some of the most talented youth that NYC has to offer, Kidz Theater is the place for you. It is a place to learn, grow, and perform at a level of incredible quality and sophistication.”

“After ‘The Color Purple’ closed on Broadway, and Jenny got too tall to be cast in another show, you say ‘what now?” She loved theater more than anything, so we had to find a platform that let her do what she loves at a high level. Thanks to Kidz Theater, she was able to do that for free. Kristen and the rest of the staff have taught her so much; theater skills, how to research a role, how to dig deeper, and how to organize a showcase. She has learned so many things from people that she loves to hang out with. They literally became her second family.”





CCM Class of 2019

casey wenger-schulman

CCM Class of 2017

“I can truly say that Kidz Theater played a leading role in helping me get into the Performing Arts College of my choice. Not only did I learn how to be a poised and professional performer, but it helped cultivate a strong work ethic and a maturity which carried me through high school and continues to help me in college. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

"My number one priority has always been my academics. Through my middle school and high school career, I worked tirelessly to succeed in everything that I tried. However, the overwhelming need to reach perfection hindered me, and terrified me. Had it not been for the support of Kristen and the skills I have learned at KT, things may have turned out differently.  I've been a part of KT since I was in the 6th grade. For a long time, I trained and worked towards the dream of auditioning for BFA programs. As the realities of high school set in, I began to question my need to do a BFA program; were the skills I had learned all these years exclusive to performing? Was I interested in other areas of study? Once I started to open up my mind about what I could do at college, the true impact of everything I have learned at KT became apparent. 

Most importantly I truly perfected the time management skills I needed to succeed in school while performing. This skill set was vital to my high school career. Kristen is an incredible resource in terms of learning how to give time to the things that matter. Being a part of KT also helps you to learn leadership skills that are essential in the classroom. I learned to stand up for myself—ask questions when I was confused, or reach out to other students who seemed like they needed help. Interviews are a huge part of the college process, and the ability to present yourself concisely and connect with the interviewer is something that is easily learned at KT—if we can tell a story to an audience, how is an interview any different? However, the way that KT has helped me to open up emotionally completely changed the college process. Every single aspect of applying to college is stressful: all the standardized tests, achieving and maintaining great grades, participating in extracurriculars, all while filling out dozens of applications and going to interviews. Although many get overwhelmed and bottle up their stress and anxiety, the emotional availability that I acquired onstage helped me to remain calm and organized through the process. Additionally, the majority of college essays are about 'who you are.' For many young people, this question is incredibly daunting. However, through the many shows and experiences I have had with KT, and with the support of the incredible staff, I was able to find, to the best of my abilities, who I am, and articulate that with strength and confidence. I was never afraid to write a college essay; in fact, I was excited to use the essays as a method of self-discovery. 

In the fall, I will be attending my dream school, the University of Chicago. Although it is a prestigious school, it isn't necessarily known for its theater. However, in retrospect it is clear that without the skills in leadership, time management, communication, and emotional availability I learned at Kidz Theater, I wouldn't have been able to achieve this goal. Truly, without KT, I wouldn't be the person I am today."


University of Chicago Class of 2021